Slimming World Meal Plan Four

This week has been a great week on plan, I hope your has been the same!
I started back on plan thirteen weeks ago with the hopes of getting back to a healthy weight after the birth of my son and I have 100% achieved that. I think I am surprised with how easy because I presumed that with breastfeeding I would be hungry all the time like I was with my eldest and that couldn’t be further from the truth. I was also worried that it would limit my supply or cause issues but if anything I don’t stop eating trying to get all my Healthy Extras in!

At the start of last week as I was meal planning I decided I wanted to add some variety to my meals particularly at lunchtime. I often just stick to a salad and jacket potato, but I came across Slimming Eats blog and her Breakfast Hash recipe.
I don’t have a massive appetite at breakfast at the best of times so I chose to make a huge batch of the hash and have it for lunches through the week. I can’t recommend this recipe highly enough, packed full of speed food, extremely tasty and if you omit the oil which I did, it is syn free!

This past week I also concentrated on drinking as much water as possible, with breastfeeding I need to keep hydrated and every day I drank at least 4 litres of water. Overall I think this concentration of adding as much speed to my meals and drinking as much water as possible has lead to a fantastic weight loss of 2 1/2 pounds which helped me to achieve my Club 10 Award!
SW Meal Plan 4

Monday – Chicken Chow Mein (Best Loved Extra Easy Recipes Cookbook)
Tuesday – Pizza Topped Chicken (Slimming World Website)
Wednesday – Greek Lamb Orzo (Slimming World Extra Easy All in One Cookbook)
Thursday – Chicken Pasta
Friday – Chipotle Pulled Chicken Burger (Slimming World Website)
Saturday – Chicken Korma with Vegetable Pakoras (Slimming World Website)
Sunday – Leftovers


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