Slimming World Meal Plan Six

Well it has taken sixteen weeks but I have done it, I have reached a sensible target weight  I thought for while I was breastfeeding Judah.
I honestly believed that because I held onto the weight with Nathanael that it would take me a year to loose what I wanted, and now only sixteen weeks on plan I have lost 20 pounds.
I have got to say I am proud of myself, within that time period I have had my eldest son’s birthday, Christmas, New Years, 3 rounds of Judah’s immunisations and a dedication. I am definitely an emotional eater, when I am happy I celebrate with cake, when I am sad I commiserate with cake!
It hasn’t been easy but the reward of feeling good in my skin after having Judah has definitely been worth it.

So what next? I had envisioned that after the year it would take me to get to this target that I would eventually lower my target to a weight similar to when I got married.
Notice I say similar – I don’t think it is realistic to be back down to that specific number but somewhere around that would be nice. I will know when I get there, what I think I will be able to maintain comfortably, while still enjoying a treat or two. I really think this is the best part of Slimming World it is a lifestyle change and not a quick fix diet.

Onto what I had last week for my main meals!

Monday – Chicken Fried Rice (Slimming World Website)
Tuesday – Salmon, Cous Cous and Mediterranean vegetables
Wednesday – Balsamic Pork
Thursday – Chilli with wedges (Slimming World Website)
Friday – Spaghetti Bolognaise (an odd one but I shoved tons of speed veg in)
Saturday – Chicken Tikka Masala (Slimming World Website)
Sunday – Eating Out at Nandos, I removed the skin and had the side salad.

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