Slimming World Weekly Meal Plan 2

This past week has gone really well! I have stuck to plan in spite of some challenges mainly Judah’s eight week injections.
I don’t know about you, but I tend to emotionally eat-  if there is good news celebrate with chocolate cake, if there is bad news commiserate with chocolate cake and if a friend is coming over for a visit you know there has to be biscuits involved!

Anyway I resisted, I tried to keep well under my syns allowance for the week I only used 43 syns  and I lost 2 pounds for the week.
That takes my total weightloss for four weeks being back on plan to 7 and a half pounds! I am thrilled to have reached my half a stone award and looking forward to loosing more next week.  So onto the meal plan for the week ahead!

Meal Plan

Monday – Chicken Chow Mein (Best Loved Extra Easy Recipes Cookbook)
Tuesday – Chilli Wedges (Slimming World Website)
Wednesday – Greek Lamb Orzo Pasta (Slimming World Extra Easy All in One Cookbook)
Thursday – Chicken Pappardelle (Slimming World Extra Easy All in One Cookbook)
Friday – Chicken with Swede Mash and Paprika Carrot Chips
Saturday – Taco Bowls
Sunday – Leftovers



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