So My first post!

I suppose the first post should be an explanation as Why the Blog? I have been a follower of Beth Moore’s blog at LPM. I love the whole siestaville and memorising scripture with other women with one goal in mind to be strong women for God, fully in the Word and are therefore able to encourage others because of it. 
That’s not to say there a bunch of “Happy Christians” you know the type where everything’s perfect, I walk on sunbeams, and every morning I awake with a song in my heart, now sometimes that can happen (maybe not the walking on sunbeams part) but by in large life isn’t like that, and I love that the Siestas are real enough to be truthful and honest to say this is an area I am struggling with, I didn’t get this quite right etc. 
This is what this blog is about my struggles, my not quite rightness, (my oh no that did not come out of my mouth, because I have a tendency to speak first and think later, so you will have a very candid approach to my life!) so that others may be encouraged because of it.
My husband Luke and I have just celebrated our 1st anniversary. That first year of marriage was a learning experience I was the nagging girlfriend wanting to get engaged and was impatient wanting everything yesterday.
 I was the one that struggled to adjust, Luke seem to settle right in to being a husband and he is the best husband ever!! (although I don’t have anything to compare it to)  So we are over the settling in part, it is a daily journey to put one another first, and to grow in God so we can have a strong secure marriage.
 I know that marriage is not a one day event it is a conscious choice each day to chose to be better for one another, and you cannot do that without God.
My first post is complete, it’s quite hard to get in to talking about yourself really, they can only improve!

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