So What Is My Ministry?

Hey Lovelies,

So I maybe missing my GMG post this week, I don’t want to just throw a post up for the sake of posting, but on a simliar line here is something I have been thinking over the past few weeks. Hope you enjoy this post!

I was sat recently having coffee with a friend, Nathanael bless his heart had behaved while I had looked around some stores prior to our coffee break and so decided to reward himself with some of my fruit toast. Epic Mummy Fail, in an attempt to alleviate the sugar coursing through his 10 month veins I broke a piece off for him, my little warrior had other ideas and thought that was an adequate piece for me and took the whole slice of bread for himself! Gotta love him.

Anyway that day while Nathanael was having a nap (quite unusual) I got the chance to watch the Women Living Well Conference and the section was on Balancing Your Family and Your Ministry. Of all the sections which included topics like parenting, marriage, health, I thought this section would be the least applicable to me. I don’t have a ministry, I am not the leader of a bible study or a life group, I am not a conference speaker or a pastor, this topic was simply the last section of the conference that I needed to watch for closure.

Well, how wrong was I? Karen Ehman who is just the most engaging keynote speaker explained how we all have a ministry, some choose to say that their families are their ministry, while this is correct it’s not our only ministry. If your family was killed tomorrow Karen relay’s as tragic as that would be you wouldn’t be saying God has got that wrong, my only mission was my family take me too. On the other extreme there are those whose whole lives are their ministry at great detriment to their husband and children. Let’s be honest how many pastors children have we seen turn away from God because their parents were so consumed on ministry that they have become resentful and hardened towards God.

The most important ministry I have is to my family but it’s not my only ministry and thanks to this conference I realised that. If I was to have a mission statement on my ministry number one I would want it to glorify God and number two I would seek to encourage others in their walk with Jesus as he has transformed my life, without him my life would be so drastically different and hopeless from where I am now.

You see the thing about my ministry mission statement is that I don’t need to be on a platform to do any of those things. I don’t need to be noticed by a congregation to do any of those things. I can do my ministry over coffee with girlfriends, I can do my ministry by cooking dinner for new parents or the sick, by blogging on things that have encouraged my walk with Jesus.

In all this we need to seek that gentle balance in life, between ministry and family life. I loved what Karen had to say on this and I will be continually returning to it again and again. We might be capable, but we might not be called. Say it again We might be capable, but we might not be called.

I might be quite capable to cook dinners for every family that has a new born, I might be capable to greet and welcome every member of the congregation on a Sunday via a Welcome Team, I might even be capable to run a team, but am I called?

So if your similar to me wondering about a ministry, assume that you don’t have one, ask whether you are called not just capable and then ask when prioritising your time – Is it something only I can do? Many people can serve tea and coffee, many people can connect with others, many people can run teams, many people can serve dinners. Only I can comfort my son as a Mother, only I can cheer him on when he takes his first steps, only I can (when he is older) cheer him on at sports day.

Nathanael only has me as his Mummy, Luke only has me as his wife. There are certain things in life that only I have been called to do and it is so important that we use this time on earth wisely. When we get to heaven God is going to take an account of our lives, like the parable of the talents we don’t want to waste the chance we have been given to glorify God.

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