I can’t wait for a new year; there is something about turning that first page of a calendar, or writing in a new diary that I just love. I have already spoken about my mild obsession for Cath Kidston stationary and that just feeds into this habit.

You can make a fresh start at any point of the year and set yourself new goals – I am not really one for New Year Resolutions but the commitment I am going to make as I did during 2011 is SSMT. So what is SSMT? That is just an abbreviation for Siesta Scripture Memory Team, a blogging community via Beth Moore who commit a year to memorise scripture, two pieces of scripture per month, I will link Beth’s blog here so you can read more of her ministry if you’re not familiar with it and you can read more on SSMT. And just because I adore stationary you can pick up these cute spirals where you can write your verses in here.

Now some will be sat there thinking “well Kiri that’s great for you but there is no way I could memorize 26 scriptures” let me encourage you, I thought there was no way I could either but set small verses ones that can easily spring to mind that you know already. Or if 2 verses per month is not achievable how about 1 verse per month?

Some scripture is better that none; it’s amazing what your brain can do when you set it the challenge. What has worked for me is to not take this as a school room exercise or a competition on who can memorise the whole bible in a year that’s the wrong attitude to take, but humbly ask God and the Holy Spirit to help you and you will be overwhelmed what you will achieve together.
The year of 2011 really focused me on this area, something I would not have thought to do at all but is so beneficial to me. My personality is such that the moment I think something I have probably already said it to two or three people especially if I am annoyed or irritated about something. I tend to think on the negative, but while memorizing scripture I take that time when I could think negatively and focus on God and the blessings he has for my life and the promises he has made me.
When our baby nephew Daniel died I had just finished memorising Psalm 91 and the hope that is found where God promises “I will be with Him in trouble, I will deliver Him and honour him” brought us peace.
God doesn’t let these moments to slip by; he expertly uses them to bring you courage, hope and faith at the time that you need it most. At this moment you might not have a care in the world, that is a wonderful blessing. God can use that. For others you might be at the bottom of a pit and see no way out. God can use that too.
In both situations God can teach you more about yourself and encourage you with scripture so that when situations change you will be strengthened for the road ahead. So come January every 2 weeks I will post the scriptures I am memorising and you can join in too, you can post them in the comments below and join Beth on her blog and post them there.

Here’s to an amazing year ahead!


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