SSMT 2017 Verse Two

It’s that time again, more verses to memorise for SSMT which you can link up with here.

I always think the first verses are quite simple to memorise, however as time progresses keeping on top of the previous ones can be challenging.

For me the key to memorisation is to continually speak it out, whiteboards with verses written on and nice graphics are all well and good but they can quickly be erased or looked over in the day to day of life. However if the verse is in my daily thoughts to speak out ,that is harder to remove!

As a SAHM my time is owned by my children, however I have found there are always moments to memorise as I go –  it could be on some down time between playing a game with Nathanael or as I am putting Judah down for a nap that I will say my fortnightly verse and I love the fact that Nate especially is hearing the Word every day.

SSMT-2017- verse2


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