Stepping out in Faith

Ok so I am not that great at this blog thing since the last time I wrote was March and its now September.

I suppose the issue is what to make this blog about, I read loads of blogs most are about peoples ministries others are about peoples children. Well I have neither of these! I did get told at church once that I was a Leader and that threw me for a loop because I had been merrily going about my business and hadn’t realised that I had indeed become a leader .. has that ever happened to you before?

I suppose I can make this blog about my daily ramblings but then dear friend we are in for some issues. Number One I could go on for days about my issues and that’s not going to be encouraging for any of us, and Number Two which is linked to Number One I don’t think that its healthy to air every problem/issue that I have to the world. I have to retain some dignity in this blogging process!

I would like my blog to be a place of encouragement to people and also where I can look back and go I have grown loads! I seriously need to do some growing in the next couple of months and have set a plan in place for me to do just that! I need to get over a few things that I have been holding on to…. I hate letting things go! I think we all do because then we can hold onto our excuses as to why we are not living the life we are called to live. I want a life of abundance but as my Pastor said this morning in his preach we have to step out in Faith first and ask God to guide us not God I will do what you tell me to do just give me a step by step plan.

So here I am stepping out in Faith over the next few weeks, I will be doing something our church calls Life Keys and I hope that it will get me over some of the issues that I have been holding on to. Lets see if I am about to grow!!

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