Summer Check In

Hey Friends!

Thought I would check in to this blog of mine, blow off the cobwebs from my computer and catch you all up with things that have been happening this summer.

summer update photo

We have spent some of the Summer preparing our eldest for nursery, he has loved visiting his school and I know he is eager to play with all his new friends. I purchased his school uniform early and spent some time sewing his name labels in things, I have enjoyed getting him organised and reading books about going to school,  although my heart is breaking that he is at this stage already we are celebrating the season that we are in.

We have had a lot of trips out and about this Summer! We had arranged to meet up with Luke’s Aunt, Uncle and the whole family and we had such a good time! Nathanael has printed pictures of his trip out with them for his photo board, he had so much fun.
We spent some time with my sister in Harrogate, they have such a gorgeous family park there the kids did not want to leave. Hopefully next summer the weather will be hotter for us to go in the paddling pool/splash pad type thing they have there.
We recently took a trip to Rufford Park which was lovely, they have such a nice play area for the kids and I have to say we packed an incredible picnic.
We have had our annual trip to Bolsover Castle for the Medieval Joust and the weather was amazing although I did feel sorry for the men who were wearing seven stones worth of armour.
We still have a few trips planned before school starts and I am looking forward to them before the end of summer.

This year we had low expectations on how many house projects we could complete with a new baby in the mix but I think we have surprised ourselves with how much we have accomplished. The summer has been a great opportunity to repoint the patio which has been in need of attention and I am really proud of our efforts, especially with how changeable the weather has been! It looks fantastic and really brings the garden together.
While we talk about the garden you may have read Luke’s blog post on Garden Renovation since that post we have completed phase two and I am thrilled with how lovely our front garden looks.
A few days ago we repainted the playroom, after nearly four years of Nathanael playing it was in need of a refresh and it looks great. There are a few design elements to add to the room and perhaps when we are done I will share that.
We have a few more things lined up for the house before the year ends, if you want more up to date information the best place would be to follow my Instagram – I love Instagram Stories!

At the end of June I was seriously considering ending my blogging journey, for various reasons primarily because I am over social media and how competitive it all feels.
I follow “positive people” but for one week alone I had been invited to at least 12 different Bible studies, Bible reading plans or some version like that which is encouraging in itself but they were all claiming “wonder for your spiritual life” and in direct competition with each other which made me think, have I made my blog competitive?

I think the answer to that is sometimes – Yes. There are times  a post I had scheduled would go live only to find others had posted 30 minutes after me and I would assume it would be in response to my post so I had to do bigger and better things.
It’s more to do with me than anyone else, I think it is good to have some self evaluation, and I find this one-upmanship doesn’t just apply to blogging it happens in all walks of life too.

You post a picture on a social media platform, ten minutes late someone posts something they are doing claiming that it’s better.
A picture of your child with one of their accomplishments is posted, the next thing someone is claiming their child can hold their breath for two minutes. All in a state to out do one another. It made me all very upset to be honest and a couple of weeks break from social media has made all the difference.

I am continuing on with my blogging journey, I love that I can look back on six years of posts and most importantly on the family memories I have captured and shared on this corner of the internet.




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