Kiri’s Home Office Decoration By

The first project ticked off the 5 ‘big’ DIY Projects for this year. Even though this wasn’t a very large scale project, it was a VERY IMPORTANT project. It all started back in December 2013 when we moved into this house, very close to Christmas, with a 6 week old, all very chaotic. Our new
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DIY Projects 2018 By

So 2017 has long been finished now, where did January go! It is time to reflect back on those projects and looking forward at 2018. What is in store – aka, what does Kiri have in store for me. On our phones we have a “Home Improvements” list that we can both add to and
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First Birthday Decor & Ideas By

Judah, our second, has just turned one, and many of you will have seen the photo that we will have posted with him in his cute ‘J’ top next to his one sign. This sign is my version of the many you can find on the internet with a quick search, We (Kiri) wanted a
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