Keep On By

At the end of last year I spent my daily Bible reading in the book of Matthew. It was such a fruitful time journeying through the gospel at a steady rate and sharing things God was teaching me over on my Instagram stories early in the morning. I took some time this week to read
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March Favourites 2018 By

The month has flown by yet again and so it’s time to share some of my favourites from the past few weeks. I will share my one dislike of the month and that has been the weather, specifically the snow. In March there should be daffodils, sunshine, a few showers perhaps but not snow, so
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What Should I Do After Bible Study? By

Throughout the past months I have shared on the importance of Bible Study; from why you should read the Bible, how to create your own Bible routine, my favourite online resources as well as my own devotional habits. I have linked all of those if you want to catch up on those posts. To end this whole series,
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