Week in Review 22.01.18

Welcome back to another week in review, it has been an especially exciting week for one little boy. Nathanael was very excited to have nursery bear home for 5 days. This is an activity which helps him to share what he has been up to as well as fine motor skills for the dressing up
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Week in Review 15.01.18

I felt like this week was the first week of the new year having had one of us sick up until this point in January and we have had lots to do which has been nice. It has been wonderful to know how kind and generous Nathanael has been at school. This week lots of
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Week in Review 08.01.2018

Welcome back to my week in review and to be honest I was going to skip writing a post all together as the week consisted of the whole household at some point being unwell. Illness doesn’t make for a very interesting blog post but in spite of it all there were some good points along
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