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May Favourites

Forgive me for this being a little late but as you will read on it has been a very busy month.

1. Grey Feature Wall – Over the May bank holiday Luke painted the feature wall in our Living Room and I just love it. The previous colour was a dark red which suited the room from October to February, however as soon as Spring approaches our living room looks dark, small, and out of season. I love grey, I have the same colour in multiple rooms in our home, it really has brighten the room up and has given us a neutral canvas to display our gorgeous family photos.

2. The Chiltern Country Luxe Reed Diffuser – Luke has been on his travels with work for the past couple of months, while he was away he caught up with his Aunt and Uncle and returned with gifts. One of them happened to be this gorgeous reed diffuser which I claimed was too nice for our downstairs powder room and promptly took it to our ensuite, however after a few days I had to purchase one for downstairs too as I loved the fragrance so much.

3. White Amber perfume – Luke counted down my birthday in gifts and one of the fragrances he purchased for me was this, I always used to purchase florally scents but really love this warm fragrance.

4. 30th Birthday Celebrations – My thirtieth birthday was obviously a highlight of the month, I was spoilt so much, gifts are my love language!

5. Dream Big Candle – This was a gorgeous gift from an equally gorgeous friend! Not only does this smell amazing it fits perfectly with my new living room decor.

6. Peonies – My favourite flower of all time which only happens to be in season around my birthday, so I was spoilt by Luke and my sister and brother in law to, two bunches of them my house looked as if you were walking into a florist.

7. Spigen Style Ring – This was one of my birthday presents and I am so happy that Luke has purchased it for me, I am really enjoying snippets of my day over on Instagram Stories and having this ring just gives some added protection with my phone.

8. Afternoon Tea – This was my birthday treat from my sister and it was a great gift to be able to spend time with her and eat some delicious cake even if I had to take it home with me, we were so full!

9. New Kitchen Lights – It is approaching 4 years since we purchased our home (where has time gone?) and every winter a common complaint heard in the kitchen is how dark it is. The previous owners had opted for a strip LED monstrosity, which along with not seeing a duster in years and being a hideous design, didn’t serve it’s most basic function – that to light up a room. I would love to have the height to install pendant lighting over our kitchen dining table but I lack the huge American house so we went with these from John Lewis and I am thrilled. They already make sure a difference to the room and I am loving how this small changes to our house continue to improve it.

Judah Eight Month Update

Judah 8 months

Weight: 16lbs 12oz

Length: who knows!

Eating: What a month for Judah in his exploration of food, he has been brilliant at baby led weaning and is now on three meals a day and quite proficient at drinking water from a sippy cup with his meals. I wouldn’t have space to list all the things that Judah has tried this month, but he is pretty much eating all the meals that we do – Slimming World meals are great for baby led weaning as you cook everything from scratch and can monitor salt content. Judah like his brother loves a good pasta dish, homemade meatballs are great for chubby little hands although he is mighty fond of a broccoli cheese and red onion muffin too.

Sleeping: 7.30pm – 6.30am

Nappies: Size 3 Pampers.

Clothes: 6-9 months.

Things Judah likes to do: There is so much to update as Judah seems to have grown up so quickly this month, to start with he has his first two teeth through, I felt like he had been teething since he was three months so was very happy to have 2 down, more to go!
Judah can now sit up completely unaided for long stretches which he loves as it has allowed him to play more games with his brother rather than laying on his back or his stomach.
Judah is now quite proficient at the backwards army crawl and although this is leading to many a frustrating moment for him, it amuses Mummy and Daddy to no end.
Judah will often now lift his hands up when you are nearby to be picked up, it is so sweet and I am loving that he is now able to communicate this way, on the communication front he is very vocal over his meal times and woe to anyone who puts him in his Tripp Trapp with no food to consume the second his bottom hits the chair.
This month we purchased a play centre for Judah, he has outgrown any mat type thing now and we wanted something that would be more interactive for him. It is marketed up to three years old and so Nathanael is a tad too old to crawl through things however he has been loving showing Judah what it does and Judah has loved Nathanael playing with him.
Judah is very social, he loves to be in on the action and can’t bear the thought of missing out on anything and you can sense his frustration that he can’t do everything he wants to at the moment, that said Judah is very content and happy in himself and generally is only unhappy if a tooth is about to break through.
Can’t wait to see what Judah has planned for his ninth month and as ever just wish I can stop time to make it all last a little longer.


My Top 5 Baby Led Weaning Products

When Judah turned six months not only was I left wondering where the time went, I was eagerly awaiting the day where I would introduce him to his first tastes of food.

With Nathanael a whole three years ago we chose to baby led wean. We were confident with this choice because Nathanael had his first two teeth by five and a half months, whereas Judah despite teething since three months had yet to sprout any so we kept an open minded in how the journey of baby led weaning would go.

I am thrilled to say, he has taken to it brilliantly, perhaps it is sitting at the table with us each evening and being enamoured by his brother that has helped him so much. I am not sure, however Judah knew exactly what to do and seemed thrilled that he was finally  allowed to eat.

There are so many gadgets, accessories, “the must have items” when it comes to weaning I thought I would today share my Top 5 products when it comes to baby led weaning.

Stokke Tripp Trapp – We invested in a Tripp Trapp this time around and I am so pleased we did, for a start it takes up minimal room in our kitchen. It is the easiest thing to clean and to move around but the main selling feature is that Judah can sit at the table with us. We have purchased the tray that can attach to it, but he is right at our level, watching what we are all doing and feels included in the meal time which is exactly what I wanted, and has proved invaluable in the weaning process.

Tommee Tippee Roll n Go bibs – With baby led weaning there is mess, there is no way of getting around it and your baby will drop food all the time, however these bibs are great for collecting some of the debris.

Tommee Tippee Easy Scoop Feeding Bowls – there are so many reasons I love these bowls so here goes; they are dishwasher and  microwave save, they are also perfect for when your baby begins to scoop things themselves as the corners are almost like a triangle so no running around the bowl with a spoon. These bowls stand the test of time, our eldest has had them from day one of weaning and they are still going strong for him. I love that they stack neatly into one another, and that you can purchase a lid so great for storage too! What is not to love.

Tommee Tippee Feeding Spoons – These are great for little hands feeding themselves with chunky handles that are easy to keep hold of.

Shower Curtain – A shower curtain is a great, cheap investment for the early, messy days of baby led weaning. You will obviously still need to clean your floors but having something underneath a high chair to collect the mess for easy clean up is essential.



Judah 7 Month Update

Judah 7 months

Weight: 15lbs 12oz

Length: who knows!

Eating: Judah is now in his first full month of eating and in short he has been fantastic. I wrote in his six month update how we have chosen to baby led wean and Judah has absolutely loved exploring food! We pretty much have him on an early lunch and then dinner routine at the moment.
Judah has tried so many different foods already – broccoli, carrot, parsnip, cauliflower, potato, courgette, peppers, red onion, swede, apple, pear, cucumber, crumpets, homemade bread, savoury homemade muffins, Weetabix, porridge, pasta with homemade tomato sauce. The list goes on and on! Judah has been brilliant at getting to grips with biting (especially with no teeth) chewing and although there has been the odd large gulp or two he is great at getting rid of whatever he doesn’t want to eat.
We have also introduced him to a cup and I have to say I am in love with the Nuby Flip n Flow, I found Nathanael was great with a straw rather than a sippy cup and it seems to be the same for Judah as well.
Still breastfeeding as and when he wants to, which was pretty much the same as last month I think it was only when Nate had more protein in his diet that he dropped feeds.

Yeah to full nights sleeps all around!! Judah sleeps pretty much from 7.30pm to 7am as standard and Mummy is loving this muchly!

Nappies: Size 3 Pampers.

Clothes: 6-9 months.

Things Judah likes to do: Judah has been so busy this month especially with weaning I am trying to make sure I focus on all the other wonderful things he has been learning this month too! To start with he has made great strides in sitting up and I would say he can hold himself up independently for about 30 seconds or so before he keels over.
We have officially graduated to his big boy pram and with the appearance of some nice spring days Judah has loved to explore more of the world around him. On a Saturday morning Nathanael has football so Judah and I usually take a walk in the village which has been really nice.
Judah’s love for bath time continues, as he splashes and kicks around, now he is a little older it has been great to introduce him to some proper bath toys.
We have now graduated from simply being able to lay Judah down on his play mat and him being ok with that, to laying down will not do – he has to pretty much be upright at all times so he can observe what everyone else is doing – I can’t blame him I would want to do the same!
Recently we have seen the start of Judah trying to shuffle forward, he has been spinning himself around in circles for weeks but recently we have seen the attempts to move forward in a straight-ish line, and I am sure he will be off soon!
Judah and Nathanael’s love for each other just grows with Nathanael always wanting to know where Judah is, and Judah is exactly the same too!
I am loving this age as equally as much as I am missing him being that newborn, time is flying with both my boys!



Judah Six Month Update


Judah 6 months

Weight: 14lbs 8 oz

Length: 66cm

Eating: The start of baby led weaning has begun and honestly I was fully expecting a disaster purely because it went so well with Nathanael. I couldn’t have been more wrong!
Judah has dived into food like a champ we started with some crushed carrot on a crumpet and he picked it up and put it in his mouth like he had been eating from the start.
I think it has helped immensely that he has been sitting at the table with us watching for ages, and he also benefits that we have done this before so I know what are great foods to try, and also I am not stressing about the gag reflex.

Sleeping: There has been a momentous occasion in our household this past week – moving Judah to his own room! Say it isn’t so! I am bereft, it is another sign of him growing up (ok I am being a tad dramatic here) the transition has gone really well. I don’t really think Judah had noticed he had moved into another room until a few days ago where because of a cold he has been awake a few times in the night.

Nappies: Size 3 Pampers.

Clothes: 6-9 months.

Things Judah likes to do:
Another month and Judah has achieved so much in this short space of time, to begin with he has found a love for his feet, he is constantly grabbing them while he is on his back, he loves to have them tickled and he has such a fun time in his jumperoo kicking about in there too.
I explained last month that Judah started with the more difficult roll first that being from his back to his front, well he has now mastered the front roll to his back and I will often find him a good distance away from his play mat now in his great travels around the room. The lovingly hand crafted changing table has moved back into storage because we can no longer trust him not to roll away!
I feel like we have been waiting forever and a day for the appearance of some teeth and sadly as of yet none have made an appearance which brings me onto Judah’s favourite thing of the moment is to have his finger, fingers or his whole fist lodged into his mouth pretty much all the time, we must get through 3 or 4 bibs an hour because of all the drool!
I have spoken about Judah’s love for Nathanael but this past month it has been adorable to watch Nathanael play with Judah, it has really helped that Judah can last for longer periods of time in his Mama’s and Papa’s Baby Snug, it’s now become a familiar sound to hear Nathanael asking “Judah play” and of course Judah just beams with delight!

It was perfect that Judah turned six months on Mother’s Day, I absolutely adore both my boys. Judah is such a precious gift to the whole family and I can’t wait to see what the next six months have in store for us all!