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Judah Six Month Update


Judah 6 months

Weight: 14lbs 8 oz

Length: 66cm

Eating: The start of baby led weaning has begun and honestly I was fully expecting a disaster purely because it went so well with Nathanael. I couldn’t have been more wrong!
Judah has dived into food like a champ we started with some crushed carrot on a crumpet and he picked it up and put it in his mouth like he had been eating from the start.
I think it has helped immensely that he has been sitting at the table with us watching for ages, and he also benefits that we have done this before so I know what are great foods to try, and also I am not stressing about the gag reflex.

Sleeping: There has been a momentous occasion in our household this past week – moving Judah to his own room! Say it isn’t so! I am bereft, it is another sign of him growing up (ok I am being a tad dramatic here) the transition has gone really well. I don’t really think Judah had noticed he had moved into another room until a few days ago where because of a cold he has been awake a few times in the night.

Nappies: Size 3 Pampers.

Clothes: 6-9 months.

Things Judah likes to do:
Another month and Judah has achieved so much in this short space of time, to begin with he has found a love for his feet, he is constantly grabbing them while he is on his back, he loves to have them tickled and he has such a fun time in his jumperoo kicking about in there too.
I explained last month that Judah started with the more difficult roll first that being from his back to his front, well he has now mastered the front roll to his back and I will often find him a good distance away from his play mat now in his great travels around the room. The lovingly hand crafted changing table has moved back into storage because we can no longer trust him not to roll away!
I feel like we have been waiting forever and a day for the appearance of some teeth and sadly as of yet none have made an appearance which brings me onto Judah’s favourite thing of the moment is to have his finger, fingers or his whole fist lodged into his mouth pretty much all the time, we must get through 3 or 4 bibs an hour because of all the drool!
I have spoken about Judah’s love for Nathanael but this past month it has been adorable to watch Nathanael play with Judah, it has really helped that Judah can last for longer periods of time in his Mama’s and Papa’s Baby Snug, it’s now become a familiar sound to hear Nathanael asking “Judah play” and of course Judah just beams with delight!

It was perfect that Judah turned six months on Mother’s Day, I absolutely adore both my boys. Judah is such a precious gift to the whole family and I can’t wait to see what the next six months have in store for us all!


Judah Five Month Update

Judah 5 month

Weight: 14 pounds

Length: Not a clue!

Eating: Not tracking in any way shape or form, just feeding on demand as and when needed.

Sleeping: This past month poor Judah has been suffering, at first I was quick to think it was the four month sleep regression but now it is plain old teeth. Judah would love to sleep through if he could – he has been doing it since he was 8 weeks old but bless him, on sporadic nights he will just wake up with his fist in his mouth – chomping away because of those pesky teeth! I really am looking forward to them making an appearance soon.

Nappies: Size 3 Pampers.

Clothes: 3-6 months

Things Judah likes to do:  This last month Judah has taken development to a whole new level! I hope I have remembered everything he has been up to.
I think the best place to start is with his communication, he has ben extremely chatty of late using his grr and duh sounds, along with some fabulous belly laughs. He makes me laugh so much with his giggle, which only encourages him more, so we can have a good five or so minutes laughing to each other which Nate usually joins in on too.
Continuing with hilarious antics, Judah has learnt how to stick out his tongue and I just die every time, for a start it’s pointy and he only sticks it out a little bit, I have tried to catch it on camera but he then becomes obsessed with my phone and stops. Judah’s tongue usually makes an appearance if he is concentrating on something, for instance if a toy on his play mat that is out of reach as well as his arm reaching out to grab it his tongue comes out as well.
I think halfway through the month Judah began work on his abs, he would stick his feet in the air and raise his chin up, crunching on any surface – play mat, bath chair, changing table – you name it he would be ready to work on his muscles in a desperate attempt to sit up – like you do at four and a half months!
This toning must have worked a treat because in true Judah fashion he skipped rolling the traditional way from tummy to back and instead chose the more difficult option from back to his front. I really don’t think he has read the memo about slowing down, and staying little forever because his little legs will kick about and he can unintentionally move himself about a little bit.
Continuing with his great physical strides, after he had gained some enviable head control we popped him in his jumperoo – I can remember Nate’s first attempt being quite emotional but Judah’s first go couldn’t have been more different – he loves it!! I think this is because he generally loves to be upright, seeing everything around him – especially if it has anything to do with Nathanael. Nate is still probably his favourite person around which melts my heart!


Judah Four Month Update

Judah 4 month

Weight: 12lbs 15oz – Has done so well to double his birth weight before his 4 month birthday!

Length: Not a clue!

Eating: Not tracking in any way shape or form, just feeding on demand as and when needed.

Sleeping: I shared in Judah’s three month update that he has been sleeping through the night extremely well and that has been pretty much the case for this month, however we have had a few 4am or random wake up calls because the poor boy is teething. I thought Nathanael was early to start teething but Judah has taken it to a whole new level! It was around 14 weeks we started to see his teeth through his gums and it seems we have been waiting forever for one to come through!

Nappies: Still using our remaining stash of size 2 then moving up to size 3

Clothes: 3-6 months although we have a few 0-3 months in the rotation still.

Things Judah likes to do:  Judah’s favourite thing to do this past month is to watch his brother and I have never seen anything so adorable.
Judah will readily smile at us especially in the morning but we do have to give him some encouragement however with Nathanael his whole face lights up when he sees him, Nate at the moment doesn’t seem to notice how much his little brother loves him, but he always makes sure to kiss him good night and to give him a “high five” too!
Judah is teething something chronic, he has moved from a few fingers in his mouth to a whole fist which is quite an art! He does have a few teething toys that in the past few weeks he seems to enjoy giving a big old chew to, one we have affectionately named “lion of Judah” – if you follow me on Instagram you will see a photo on there.
Judah isn’t a fan of tummy time I think this is because he will usually have his brother running around the living room at the time, but he does love to be playing on his mat on his back hitting animals and shakers that are on there.
This month Judah has completed all of his injections until a year old which I am really glad to see the end of, not because he was particularly effected by them, perhaps a more sleepier than usual it is the waiting in the doctors full of sick people which is a pain.
Judah is also becoming increasingly interested in watching us eat food, smacking his lips together copying us, so I am extremely hopeful that this will put us in good stead for baby led weaning. I have a Stokke Tripp Trapp on order – what a treat! I always wanted one with Nathanael but with the expense of every other baby item I just couldn’t justify it, so as Judah has all the hand-me-downs a treat to me and him will be the new highchair!


Name Decorations

If you have been a long time follower of my blog you may recall this post where I shared all about Nathanael’s name decor that we had commissioned from our wonderful friends Ollie & Abi at White Rose Creations.

Judah sign key rings

If you are not familiar with White Rose Creations they design a range of unique handcrafted gifts from reclaimed Oak Whiskey Barrels as well as bespoke pieces.

To begin with I love the craftsmanship that goes into each piece, I know that they will have taken care to select the best wood for the sign and the time to work away for the best finish on each piece really shows.
With unique names for our children it won’t be likely that Judah or Nathanael will have many items with their name on it and so what a piece to have, especially the story behind it.

judah-sign-edits 630

There are so many items that you can purchase from their shop not only personalised gifts, but home wear and accessories such as the key ring. It is well worth taking a look at White Rose Creations Shop and Facebook page to see if they are at an event near you.



This is not sponsored post just one extremely satisfied customer, name sign was purchased ourselves while the key rings were kindly gifted to us.



Judah 3 Month Update

Judah 3 month update

Weight: 12lbs

Length: Not a clue!

Eating: I can’t say I have really tracked this but we will usually get up and Judah will feed for about an hour – who can blame him when he has slept eleven hours! Then I just feed on demand throughout the day usually with about 2 to 3 hour intervals.

Sleeping: I certainly have been blessed with Judah, he loves his bedtime routine and he loves to have a full nights sleep which I am very grateful for! We start his bedtime routine at 6pm with his bath time, and then I will feed him from anywhere upwards from an hour. It is this cluster feed session which both my boys have done on their own which I think helps them sleep through the night. Judah has been sleeping consistently now from 8pm till about 6.30/7am.
Unlike Nathanael who I tried to instigate a naptime schedule quiet quickly, Judah has to take his naps when we are on the go with Nate. I am hoping to this month have a more consistent after lunch naptime routine with Judah, whether this works will be up to him!

Nappies: Size 2 nappies

Clothes: 0-3 although his sleep suits are becoming really short in the leg, we will soon be moving up to 3-6 months.

Things Judah likes to do:  Judah this month has discovered his hand and he loves to have a good gnaw of it, which has probably been brought on because of the white buds of teeth I can see very close to his gums!
Despite the pain he must be feeling with teeth coming through Judah is a very happy and calm baby, he doesn’t really complain very much unless he is hungry or has his fill of tummy time.
I have loved this past month watching the boys interact with one another, previously it has been Nathanael getting involved but now Judah will turn his head to see what Nate is up to and I like to sit Judah so he can join in games with Nathanael.
We like to include Nathanael with caring for Judah and one way that is simple to do that is during bath time, Judah loves his baths kicking and splashing around in the water and Nathanael loves to wash all the bubbles off him!
Finally we had the dreaded three month injections, three days before Christmas fortunatley Judah took this in his stride yet again with no tempetature or other awful side effects except for being a bit grumpy for a day or two – who could blame him!