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Nathanael’s Prayer Tree

One of the things I am most passionate about is teaching and showing Nathanael how much God loves him! The most important relationship that Nathanael will ever have is with is heavenly Father and I continually ask God to show me how to do that.
I think this has stemmed from my childhood where although I was taken to church (age 9) a relationship with God was never talked about or demonstrated.
It’s a massive challenge to me as a parent I don’t want to be a Sunday Christian I hope that I teach Nathanael that although I will never have all the answers for him, God does.

You may remember me sharing a haul where I had purchased prayer cards for Nathanael to look at and enjoy.
While having a browse on Pinterest I spotted the idea of a Prayer Tree – now word of warning I am the least artistic/creative person you will meet but I am determined Mummy so I want let my lack of artistic skills get in the way!

I think these trees are popular in Autumn where you take a leave off day by day, pray for the named person and then have a bare tree at the end of it. Nathanael and I have no time for that and we will leave it full of leaves and add to it as we make new friends.
Here is how we made ours;

First decide on an appropriate place for your tree, I had the perfect spot picked out in Nathanael’s playroom where he will notice it daily. You want to cut a good length of craft paper to fit the space – A4 artwork this is not.

tree blank

Paint yourself a big old tree, your toddler can join in too!
Next cut out some leaves, you can find some great templates online where you can print them off, I got really into the painting so printed mine on white cardstock.

leaves blank

After your leaves have finished drying, think of some special people in your child’s life that you would like them to pray for. I have included Nate’s friends, close family as well as our churches young kid’s team Mini Bounce!
If you have space you could add a picture of the person too, Nathanael is really into looking at photographs at the moment.

Leaves with names

Here is the finished result, I must say I am quite impressed with how it turned out, I love that we can add to it and perhaps in autumn we can add some orange leaves and I can teach Nathanael seasons with it too!

Prayer Tree

Top of tree

Let me know in the comments below some of the creative ways you are teaching your toddlers about God. I am always looking for new ideas

Nathanael Shopping Trip

Luke has been working away from home for the past of the couple weeks, no fun! However we are very blessed  that he has a job that provides for us, we just miss him when he is away.
Nathanael has now got to the age where he knows his Daddy is away, he will come down in the morning and knock on the office door and looks quite sad when he realises he isn’t there, but this is soon over with the lure of breakfast!

Anyway we took a trip to Meadowhall to have a Mummy and Son date day! I always think when I go shopping I will find something nice for myself, yet since having Nathanael there is nothing I love more than shopping for him! He looks good in everything!

There are some very cute boys clothes in the shops at the moment, we first went into Next however I quickly remembered that I have bought quite a few things from their Spring Collection already! It was like looking inside Nathanael’s wardrobe!

So we popped into H&M, and I was not disappointed with what we found, (just a quick disclaimer I have found that for Nathanael H&M sizes do run a little larger.) Here’s what we picked up!

anchor shirt
Blue & White Stripped Anchor Pocket £4.99

I love this top and you will quickly discover that I love Nathanael in stripes – which is a good thing since most little boys clothes come in stripes! I can’t stand logos or cartoon characters so Nathanael has a very timeless, classic look about him! His style icon is Prince George!

blue & white t

blue t
2 Pack of T-Shirts £5.99 (included in 3 for 2)

Oh look! More stripes I thought this was really good value, they wash really well and at that price you don’t grieve on clothing if it gets destroyed by paint, mud or crayon! He is a little boy after all, if he can cover himself in it he will!

grey vest

white vest
2 Pack of Vests £4.99 (included in 3 for 2)

These vests are perfect for Summer under open shirts, because he has style like that you know!

stripe shirt
Striped T – Shirt £4.99 (included in 3 for 2)

Blue Shorts £4.99

I did say that Nathanael’s style icon was Prince George and these remind me of those cute bloomers he wore on his Christmas photograph – I have tracked down the shop that sells the original pair but unsurprisingly they are always out of stock. I got these in 18-24 months which is a little big for Nathanael at the minute but they will work I am sure later in the Summer, hopefully we will have a heat-wave like last year!

With deductions for the 3 for 2 offer this came to a grand total of £25.95 which I don’t think is bad at all!

Tell me some of your favourite shops that you like to buy children’s clothes from! Where would you recommend?

Nathanael Reads – 5

Another month has passed so here is an update on some of Nathanael’s favourite story books of the moment!

Nate reads 5

Stop Monkeying Around Written by Christine Swift and Illustrated by Sarah Wade
The Good Samaritan Written by David Hately and Illustrated by Terry Burton
Hide and Seek Pig by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler
Oh Dear! by Rod Campbell
Chomp Goes to School by Melissa Mattox and Mark Chambers

Where are some of your favourite place to purchase children’s books? I think Asda are really reasonably price! Let me know in the comments below!