Busy Days

Hey Lovelies!

Today has been a productive and busy day! Luke has two days off work and is adding a few new additions to our utility room – I have far too many baking pans and tins!

We had a grocery order delivered. I am so pleased that Morrisons is now available to order online, I really like their quality of produce and I prefer many of their own branded items compared to named brands.

Plus when it is delivered with a welcome gift like this, whats not to like? Luke ate this as it was gingerbread and I am not a fan, no complaints from him though!

Besides a quick trip to Boots and a stop off at Sainsburys to buy Thor – The Dark World (I was heavily pregnant when it was on at the cinema so hadn’t seen it. Watched it tonight though Phwoar Thor!! – Although why couldn’t he save the world in the Caribbean – see where I am going with this hehe)

Thats pretty much been our day! Check back tomorrow for my favourite post of the month – My February Lovelies!

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