Toddler Learning Tower Ikea Hack

Nathanael is growing up so fast he is now a fully fledged toddler, very cute one second and testing the boundaries another. I have loved every stage that Nate has been, and I do miss those first few months where only Mummy would do, but now it is so wonderful watching Nathanael learn something new everyday.

Nate has always been curious to the world around him and has always wanted to be a part of what Mummy and Daddy are doing, some of these include making the bed, dusting, vacuuming, and every little boys dream – building.

I wanted to capture Nate’s enthusiasm for helping and have eagerly awaited the day when he could help me bake. I remember many an afternoon as a little girl helping my Nanna bake and now Nate is interested he can help me too!

My eagerness for Nathanael helping in the kitchen however was slightly dulled at what to use to help him reach the counter tops. There was no way he was going to stand on a chair – Nate is fearless he would jump off and blame me if he hurt himself! I wasn’t too keen on those open stools either – he could easily unbalance them or again try to jump off.

Having googled my problem I discovered the Toddler Learning Tower, a fully enclosed step stool! Success! – except the small matter of the cost $200! so could you imagine the tax and the shipping for that thing – I love Nate but seriously!

So Luke being the ever capable DIY man that he is took to creating one for a £13!! There are variations of this Ikea hack online but I must say that this gate function that Luke created is a winner.

First thing’s first put your step stool together, why not let your toddler join in to? Nate is really good at putting the screws in the holes and it helps with his fine motor skills too!

Nate helping

Then of course have a celebratory picture of their achievement!

Nearly there

It was then a trip to get some wood to build the tower frame to go on top of the tower. This was a job for Luke to sort out and he was tasked with creating an opening or ‘access door’ at the back – This is what he came up with.


Cutting out a base for the top of the stool to attach four corners pieces and then the slats for the sides and front. At the back Luke made a lever that fitted in to a slot that could then have a removable bolt through it to stop Nate lifting it up, which inevitably he now tries to do – This is the finished article.


One of the first things we did when the stool was finished was let help Nathanael help with making his lunch! He seemed astonished that he could finally see the counter top

Nate astonished

And of course if you can now reach and have helped make lunch you can sneak some food too!

Nate sneaking eats

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