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Hey Lovelies,

I love Autumn probably just as much as I love Spring, my sister’s birthday is in September, its the start of an academic year = new stationary, the weather turns cooler = autumnal clothing my fave fashion choice and above all this all the best Christian Music releases come out during late September and October. I am eagerly anticipating Jonathan Thulin new album, eeek I can’t wait!
So if you love Christian music here are my top 25 most played tracks on ITunes.

itunes top 25
I wont go through all of them but I will pull out some of my fave lyrics from the song.

1. Let Me Feel You Shine – Anyone who can get the word perpetual into a song is a friend of mine!

4. Into the Glorious – “I was made for more, than this world could offer me. My heart to hold true mystery, My voice was made to fall on holy ears. My life to collide with majesty. Out from the ordinary, Into extraordinary” This really sums up what it means to walk with God, our eyes off our noses and onto the bigger picture.

8. Our God’s Alive– My husband is an amazing acoustic guitarist and the sound of an acoustic throughout this track I just love! The lyrics are great too “He has lifted us, He has overcome, The power of the grave, And the sin that once enslaved, Couldn’t hold him in the ground, Couldn’t keep him down”

12. The Answer – Such an amazing song to reflect on “When the seas roar, your an anchor. When the storms come, your a shelter. When the tides rise, your a tower. Your the answer. When the earth shakes, you are stable. When are hearts break, you are able. When we can’t see, you are faithful. Come Lord Jesus come, like the rising sun, come let every heart sing of your great love. Your the only hope, your the only rock we know. Your the answer.

17. Give My Life To You – This is a great worship song “I can hear you, You’re calling my name, The Ocean between us erased. And salvation, it pours down like rain. Flooding my walls till I break. I give my life to you, My heart to you. You’re all I need. Come and make me new.

23. Spirit Speaks – what an amazing one of a kind album and this song is perfect “ You cover me with arms that reach. And I’m amazed by Your sweet grace. You set me free, You washed me clean. And I’m forgiven by Your grace … With every breath I breathe, with every song I sing. I want to shout it our, Lord, I am listening. To every word You speak, I’ll go where Your will lead. To love the least of these, my greatest offering.

25. Eden – Of course I have to have my fave artist of all time Phil Wickham on here “Where my eyes can see the colours of glory. My hands can reach the heaven before me,Oh my God I want to be there with You.Where our hearts will beat with joy together. And love will reign forever and ever,Oh my God I want to be there with You”

Hopefully these songs have inspired you to seek out some new Christian worship or may have  reminded you of some favourites. Let me know what your faves are at the minute.


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