Top 5 Online Bible Study Resources

When I first began studying the Bible seriously I was overwhelmed at where to start and how I would know what was a “good” Bible Study resource to begin with.

I was unaware of resources if there were any online, all bible studies had to be purchased and you did take the chance until they arrive through the post as to whether they were any good or not, simply going off recommendations and reviews.
There are now thankfully so many resources online to help you with your own Bible study that are completely free so I thought I would compile some of my favourites.

top resources

She Reads Truth: This resources is widely known and extremely popular thanks to how accessible it is. If you just want to read the couple of assigned verses you can or you can go further into your own study if you wish. There are helpful commentary’s after each assigned reading and the aesthetic is great, it appeals to those who love to take with us a verse of the day with the beautiful graphics they create for each post.

Women Living Well: Courtney is working her way through a book of the bible a chapter a day with her community at Women Living Well. Periodically she will share her insights into the chapters or themes that are studied but this is not the daily commentary that you get on She Reads Truth. I think depending on what season you are with studying the Word will depend on your preference I think having the space with Go to write down your own thoughts and how God is speaking in your life is extremely helpful before diving in to someone else’s commentary.

Bible Gateway: This website lets you read, engage and explore the Bible in a variety of ways from passage look up, keyword search, reading plans and the ability to read the text in a variety of languages and versions Bible Gateway is a great resource. I often will use this when reading a passage and it springs to mind another passage of scripture, I might not recall the specific verse but the text will bring up the reference, so helpful for locating things.

Blue Letter Bible: BLB provides various tools on their website for in depth study of the Word. They have various versions of the Bible, reading plans, commentaries, encyclopaedias, maps, images as well as messages. One particular helpful feature I have found both on their website and their free app is the Lexicon search which will give you access to the Hebrew and Greek words within the text.

Bible Hub: Bible Hub is another website which provides several versions of the Bible along with commentary, theme and topical studies. The Bible Hub also provides both Interlinear study as well as a Lexicon. I would say from personal preference i do enjoy the Blue Letter Bible website more but I feel that this is just down to user preference not that one is better than the other.

I hope these suggestions of Bible Study Resources help you in studying the Bible for yourself, and remember the joy of studying is to share what you have learned with someone.

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