Week in Pictures January 2016

I have often loved sharing pictures from my week, usually if Luke is on holiday and we are off somewhere nice! This past week however was more low key!

Week 1

Yes my week in pictures are just photos of Nathanael! Is there anything more cuter in the world?

Nathanael had a very eventful week, we started it all off by taking down the futon in our spare room which we hopefully will begin decorating this week. Nathanael of course had to help his Daddy on the deconstruction.

Getting into things continued by Nate invading my bag and taking Coco, poor little Coco, whose shade name happens to be Boy! Good excuse to buy another shade – sometimes you have to look on the brighter side of Nate’s adventures.

There were some quiet moments during the week, Nathanael happily plonked himself down while I read my morning devotional, Nate isn’t in to just listening he likes to hold the book!

Nathanael has a way of charming everyone which is why when his little heart was set on Winnie the Pooh at a Mum’s and Tots group his Nanna takes him too, he promptly he returned home with it.
Bear, Nathanael’s Bear who was beloved until that morning was promptly booted out of his spot and replaced by Pooh.
It took  me a whole day and half to hide Pooh to be returned to the playgroup – honestly the whole thing was worse than Toy Story.

Luke scored major hubby points by bringing me flowers for no reason at all!

On the Saturday we went to our niece and nephews birthday party, Nathanael had a great time playing with his cousins. I of course came up with the best game playing pirates out of the window which of course Luke had to take over!

Although our week was fairly low key it was great to watch all the funny things that Nathanael got up to in the space of seven days! I do love him so!

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