Week In Review 05.02.2018

What a few days we have had, I have got to say I was excited for Friday to roll around and for Nathanael’s half term holidays to begin, but as usual there was plenty of fun to be had until then.

judah post man pat
Chinese New Year is celebrated when Nathanael is off from school so his nursery celebrated a week early. What a celebration it was! A huge authentic Chinese banquet was brought in from a parent and Nathanael had a great time trying all the food. In fact his teacher did say she would be surprised if Nate would eat for the rest of the week such was his love for seaweed, prawn crackers and sweet and sour chicken. I asked him what else he tried and worked out there was noodles and spring rolls, needless to say he love Chinese New Year.

Judah’s mood was much improved from seeing his friends at life group this week, they are all at such a cute age getting into mischief while smiling sweetly at us, I love it! He has such a good time as do as as well as feeling so accomplished if I can continue a conversation while Judah gets into things.

Judah was also quite happy that we replaced the batteries in the Postman Pat van, it comes with a steering wheel so you can drive it around the house, a gift bought for his brother but is permanently attached to him.
The only issue with this van is that Judah doesn’t quite grasp that he keeps turning it off so I spend most of my time with an impatient toddler pointing and looking confused as to why it isn’t moving and I have to be around every 5 minutes to press start again. It is a good thing I love him so.

Luke completed the first house project of the year and repainted our office or as I like to call it headquarters! It looks beautiful!

We took a trip into the Central Library in our town, the boys got to have the run of the place as there was no one else in there while we visited. I personally can’t think of anything better than an empty library because we got to pick all the best books! There was no surprise that Nathanael came back with more Harry and the Dinosaurs books, but I did sneak in Cops and Robbers – what a childhood favourite that was!

We finished off Saturday watching the rugby what a game! The only downside was the time of most of England’s matches fall in that annoying 4.45pm when I am getting dinner ready for my own team. I planned ahead and cook dinner the day before so it really was a blissful Saturday.

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