Week in Review 08.01.2018

Welcome back to my week in review and to be honest I was going to skip writing a post all together as the week consisted of the whole household at some point being unwell. Illness doesn’t make for a very interesting blog post but in spite of it all there were some good points along the way.

judah behind curtain

Like this photo, how cute does our JJ look? ok I am biased but he was messing around with the curtain and I managed to snap a photo with our proper camera. I am trying to be intentional at having our camera rather than my phone to hand to get some good photos of the boys.

We took to the boys to our local library on the weekend, they had a great time as the children’s area had really expanded not only with new books but toys and a craft area. Nathanael has really enjoyed the Harry and the Dinosaurs series and was determined to find a new one on our trip. Thank goodness we were successful or the whole library would of heard about it.

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