Week In Review 11.12.2017

Welcome back to my week in review! What a week it has been, as we approach the Christmas holiday break at school Nathanael is returning daily with handfuls of Christmas cards. With 58 people in nursery (thankfully not all at one time) there is lots of mail, which is such a joy both to Nathanael and I. Who doesn’t love to open Christmas Cards!

I had my own mail tragedy this week which I shared over on my Instagram stories. It doesn’t seem quite as hilarious in the written word so I would encourage you to follow me over there!

As well as receiving lots of mail, Nathanael and all of his class mates were allowed to bring in their very own teddy bears to finish off their series on “We’re going on a Bear Hunt” it has been lovely to watch Nate grow in his love for music during this time, breaking into songs all around the house complete with actions.
Nathanael chose to bring in a Winnie the Pooh bear to his class, I don’t believe he has ever seen the cartoon, but he loves the bear as it was kindly borrowed from his Nanna and Granddad’s church. This bear has been on more trips back and forth to our house and church then I can recall, the main thing he loves is that it is something from his grandparents.
Having never seen the cartoon, Nathanael has always known the bear as “Pooh Bear” upon seeing the bear in hand, his teacher exclaimed “Oh I love Winnie the Pooh!” and Nathanael very matter of fact and with great concern in his eyes replied “It’s not Winnie the Pooh!, It’s Pooh Bear” He does make me giggle.

On Friday we took the boys to Brodsworth Hall’s Enchanted Garden. Brodsworth is a firm family favourite which I have shared many times before. This evening they had lit up the garden with thousands of lights to send you on a trail throughout the grounds. It was so beautiful and Nathanael had a great time wandering around the place with his torch.

Brodsworth Hall Enchanted Gardens

On Saturday we managed to bake some cookies together, I really love baking with the boys as it reminds me of my Mum and Nanna doing the same for my sister and I when we were little, so many happy memories. Although now as the one in charge I am appreciating how tricky it can be to follow a recipe with little helpers around! I am getting there with it as the years go on to be as prepared with all the weighing out of ingredients first and then to have the boys help mix everything together and decorate.
As with any baking the best part is in the eating and Nathanael made sure we all knew we would be eating cookies in the afternoon!

Christmas Cookies

Praying that you all are having a wonderful festive season with your loved ones.


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