Week in Review 15.01.2018

I felt like this week was the first week of the new year having had one of us sick up until this point in January and we have had lots to do which has been nice.

It has been wonderful to know how kind and generous Nathanael has been at school. This week lots of new children have taken up there school nursery places and his teacher has told us how he was showing them where things were and wanting to play with them which has been lovely.
I really strive to call out the good character qualities that Nathanael will carry all his life as well as the academic at school.

Since starting nursery school in September every weekend we fill out together a little diary of what we have been up to so he can show his teacher.
This is really helpful on a busy school morning where perhaps we might not have a chance to chat with her, we have included pictures of places we have gone, favourite books we have been reading at home as well as a place to show his “homework” for the month.
It was wonderful to hear back this week how his teachers can tell how hard he has been working at home as well as a note that his teacher will try to find some of his favourite book series in the school library. Nathanael was so proud to come home with stickers on himself and in his book!

Week in review 15.01

Nathanael was invited to one of his best friends birthday party and he had a great time, it was Gruffalo themed and although he was a little hesitant to make a hat at the party he now wont take it off!

This week although having lots of fun things to do I tried to remember to rest! Having one of us sick at the start of January and feeling as if there is tons to do, I usually run around the house like a crazy person. This week I went to bed supper early and slept in a little later and I felt great for it! A little self care can work wonders.

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