Week in Review 25.12.2017

Welcome back to my week in review! I hope you have all had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas with family and friends. We have had such a lovely time together as a family, I am feeling so peaceful as I enter into the new year, which was such a change from Christmas 2016 & 2015.

With plenty of visits with family on the run up to Christmas Day and then on Boxing Day I love having the day to celebrate just with our family. The boys decided to sleep in which was a lovely Christmas Day gift to us, and then we spent the entire day in PJ’s opening presents and eating lots of food!. It was perfect! The boys played with their new toys all day long, and we even managed to play a few games too.

With our new National Trust membership in hand we went off to visit our first property and grounds at Belton Hall. It was the perfect way to walk off all that Christmas food, the house although not open during the winter months was gorgeous to look out and we had an amazing time walking through the grounds and spotting the deer. Our boys were thrilled to discover not only an indoor playground but an outdoor one too with miniature railway running through it. We are already planning a return trip for Spring or Summer so I can take a tour around the house.

Judah walking Belton

We have also spent time with friends this week by taking our boys to a local trampoline park. It was such a good way for the kids to run off some steam and I naturally spent most of the time (ok, all of it) drinking tea and chatting. It can be difficult with work schedules and commitments to spend time outside of church with one another but its great when we have opportunity to.

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