Week In Review 26.02.2018

What an exciting week it has been and I have lots to share with you all

me and nate in snow 630

Every social media you look at it there has beena picture, comment or message of us Brits enjoying or suffering the snow. We rarely get snow that settles where we live,
I think the last time was 2011 and having lived in a place that would haveat least a foot of snow it really is a bit daft that everything seems to shut down for an inch or two.
It was the first time the boys really got to experience snow and it was so much fun for them.
While walking to school on Tuesday Nathanael put his hat over eyes as he said he didn’t want the snow to catch him.
Nathanael only had one snow day from school that I think was mainly to do with the winds and ice than any snow really. We did all the fun things like building a snow man and starting a snowball fight with Daddy when he wasn’t looking. I of course having encouraged Nathanael to cover his Dad in snowballs was rewarded by my little turncoat in being attacked too! The traitor!

On Nathanael’s snow day as well as having fun outside we pulled out some number subitising sheet too. I have got to say I was so impressed they way he worked at it and how quickly he recognised them. I was only planned to do 1 to 5, but he was determined to 1 to 10. He was so proud to show his teacher on Friday and having gone through it at school was covered in stickers when he got home for his hard work.

Judah was mildly interested in the snow but then was quickly over the cold. He has had a fun week though when his friend Isaac popped over for a play date, he was very chatty with another little boy in his playroom, so cute.
We have been encouraging Judah to talk more and of all the useful words he has decided to express is the word “snap” taught to him by Nathanael. This is because one of Nate’s favourite songs to sing is 5 Little Monkeys Swinging in the Tree. With great exuberance Nathanael will shout “snap” and now Judah does as well.

The weekend was a fairly quiet one with no plans which was much needed from the busyness of the weekend before. We stayed in and watch a movie with the boys and they had a few treats of course too! I meanwhile keep reminding myself that summer bodies are made in winter – I do make myself laugh!

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