Week in Review 29.01.2018

Welcome back to another week in review, its has been another busy week to share!

Nathanael & Oasis 2

Nathanael has had another incredible week at school, telling all of his class about his time at home with nursery bear. Nathanael’s class has 36 children in it during the morning session not to mention the 4 teachers so this is such an achievement for my little man. I am so proud!

Nathanael also came home with a sticker this week for an incredible job with his rhyming skills and trying really hard in class. I also deserve a sticker for not being the crazy parent creating 3 foot rockets and cardboard moving trucks and calling this my child’s homework. Nathanael did such a good job cutting out his own car, and wheels, painting it and having a good go!

Judah bless his heart has been out of sorts this week, I think some major teething has begun for him, he exhausted himself on Tuesday refusing to take a nap and all week has been streaming with snot and drool. It always surprises me just how much liquid can come from little boy!

We had a very quick trip to Meadowhall on Saturday so I could purchase a backpack. On the list of purchase I have wanted to buy this was quite down the list but with two boys needing a hand at times and my cross body bag weighing me down, a backpack was the way to go. Nathanael was very helpful in the store and volunteered to carry mummy’s bags. I hope his wife will thank me for his early training!

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