Week in Review 30.04.2018

We have had such a busy week that time truly has flown by, I am thrilled that it is May – the month of both mine and Luke’s birthdays so we have lots of fun things planned.

WIR 30 April

On Monday Judah and I went to our friends playgroup at her church, we had such a great time even if J was a little hesitant at first he soon cheered up once he had gotten used to where he was. One thing that was a highlight was creating a craft based on a Bible story, the story was Creation so we made crafts based on the animals mentioned, Judah really enjoyed the stickers, colouring as well as glitter. Nathanael was very impressed with his brothers artwork when we picked him up from nursery school and was excited to hear about Judah’s morning which was so lovely to experience.

On Tuesday I set my sights on the thrilling task of cleaning our home from top to bottom. Judah is at the age now where he wants to get involved and polishing is a great chore for him to help with. I have always looked for ways to get the boys to help, Nathanael will with assistance vacuum his room, this is in part because he gets quite distressed if anyone moves anything in his room – who knew that he would start this at four years old!

It was lovely on Wednesday to be able to invite some friends from church over for “Second Breakfast”. As we are all mums rushing around, more often than not we will forgo our breakfast in the need to get our children ready for school, or we are delayed by feeding a baby that we forget ourselves, since it was too early for brunch I called it “second breakfast”

I spent the rest of the week preparing for us to go away, there is nothing worse in my opinion coming home to chaotic home, even if we were just going away for one night. I could rest easy and truly enjoy myself knowing I had taken the time to clean our home and wash everything in sight – the satisfaction of empty laundry bins!

We were seriously blessed with gorgeous weather for a weekend away visiting of course more National Trust properties we have got to get those passports filled for the boys. There will be a post later on in the month of all the places we saw and how we planned the trip, for now it is more than enough to say I had a great time with the family spending quality time together outdoors.

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