Week in Review 4.12.17

After a very quite year on the blog I thought I would jump back into my ramblings by sharing a week in review. Perhaps this could be more of a regular thing as I share family highlights, things we have been up to and any plans coming up! I got this idea from one of my favourite You Tubers years ago she would her week and I think its such a great idea to look back on in years to come.

We have currently been loving our Shepherd on the Search, during the advent season our shepherd begins to search for baby Jesus, and so each day ends up somewhere new in our home. Nathanael has loved searching for his shepherd and it has provided a great opportunity to focus our attention of what the Christmas season is all about.

Shepherd on a search

Nathanael loves to walk to school and I am happy to oblige him providing it is dry so Judah doesn’t get too wet and cold. I enjoy the opportunity walking with him brings, our house is about 15 minute walk and we can get into some great conversations rather than in the car where I am concentrating and can’t see him. This week on our walk he declared that he wants to be a teacher. We will see what the future brings and no doubt he will change his mind a thousand times before he has to choose something, I thought I would share it to document the moment.

As Winter closes in around us with dark days and cold nights Luke and I have set to watching a bit more TV than we usually do. We usually don’t watch things in “real time” apart from Strictly and The Apprentice, and usually end up watching a box set or something like that.
I was thrilled to discover Dawson’s Creek complete seasons are on Channel 4 and have taken to watching them. Joey and Pacey forever in my opinion! I am sure Luke would be quite happy to avoid it all but I have been enjoying it.

This past weekend we went to a Christmas Market with the grandparents at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We had a lot of fun looking at all the stalls despite the freezing cold temperatures. Nathanael however clearly did not mind the cold and took off to find the outdoor play area and had a great time on the slides and adventure course.


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