Weekly Weigh In 2

It’s time for my Weekly Weigh in, as I have shared in previous posts this is all about me Getting Healthy not dropping to some ridiculous weight!

lets get healthy

The week got off to a great start, I am following Slimming World and they allow you to have 15syns, and on Monday and Wednesday I had 1syn each day, without feeling the need to have more. What curtailed the weight loss this week was some poor planning.

Luke and I went to Subway which I could have got the syn free salad … but I didn’t oops! We also went out to eat unplanned at Frankie’s & Benny’s and none of that food is syn free!

Exercise went out the window this past week too, I just couldn’t find any motivation to get on my cross trainer, I read somewhere recently that if you don’t exercise on Monday you will just keep putting it off, which I did! (You will be pleased to know that this morning at 6.30am I was on my cross trainer like the exercise Queen I am)

However to finish on a positive I managed to stay under the 105 syns allowed for the week and I continue to pass up on the biscuits – what I would do for a Cadburys Chocolate Shortbread.
Overall with Luke being off, and the Smiths on holiday mode I knew that if I could get through the past 2 weeks I would be off to a great start.

Weigh In: –11/2 pounds this week.
Total Weight Loss: 5 Pounds!

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