Weekly Weigh In 3

It’s time for my third weigh in, I honestly can’t believe that I will have been following Slimming World for a whole month this week, so lets jump in to this week’s weigh in!

lets get healthy

I honestly have to say I am quite proud of myself this week, my first victory is that I have stuck to plan under some challenges, the first one being my husband was away with work. In the past when Luke was away I would stick to anything that was convenient, throw a pizza in the oven or something like that just to keep it simple. This time, I planned ahead and had made a huge batch of Slimming World Chilli (minus the beans) and had frozen some individual portions. This was perfect on top of a Jacket Potato with a Side Salad, and was 0 syns!
My main victory this week has to be exercising 5 times! Yes you read it right for 5 days this week I dragged myself out of bed and stuck myself on the cross trainer, I do about 3 miles and then some toning, my little tracker thing on there tells me I am burning 45 calories so I will take that.
My main goal with fitness is 3 times a week so I am not beating myself up if this week I don’t match it, I really do think I got off to a good start by beginning Monday exercising.

Challenges ahead
I have some challenges ahead this week, with lots of social events and opportunities to sneak in a few biscuits but I am determined to stay strong!

Weight Lost This Week –2 pounds

Total Weight Lost –half a stone!!

slimming world  half

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