Weekly Weigh In 4


lets get healthy

How are you getting on with the Let’s Get Healthy challenge? This week got off to a good start, knowing that I had a few social engagements I made sure that Monday to Wednesday I got on my cross trainer and did my 2.5 miles, although eating out I made sure to look up the menu and choose accordingly so all was well.
It was towards the latter part of the week where I struggled, not down to eating the wrong foods or over eating, just in terms of actual motivation in the morning to get up and exercise, having looked at this week’s results I know I need to exercise more to speed up my weight loss as I really don’t have that much to lose to begin with.
Also water consumption has been a bit of a nightmare as well, and we all know what not drinking enough fluid does to you!
Bit of a disappointing week overall, but at least I am going in the right direction and here is to the week ahead!

Weight Loss This Week -1/2 pound

Total Weight Lost -7 1/2 pounds

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