Weekly Weigh In 5


lets get healthy

So we are 5 weeks in to my Let’s Get Healthy challenge and I was struck down this week by the common cold. This may have something to do with my determination not to switch on the heating till November, and also I have discovered working  out first thing keeps me quiet warm for the rest of the morning – who knew?


  • Despite my cold I didn’t chose to down myself in chocolate and carbs and have stuck to plan all week.
  • I think the cold has tackled any water retention I could possibly have!


  • Exercise – I started the week with the best of intentions and managed a work out or two, however as I can’t breathe at the moment with this cold I don’t feel the least bit inclined to go on my cross trainer.

Weight Loss This Week: –2 pounds
Total Weight Lost: –9 1/2 pounds!!

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