Weekly Weigh In 6

It’s time for another Let’s Get Healthy post, and let me warn you it has been a crazy week!

lets get healthy

I don’t know how much this week’s weight loss was down to stress or healthy eating, my Nanna hasn’t been very well towards the end of the week so I have had a loss of appetite mainly due to anxiety over the situation.

Also I did succumb to a Chinese  not your usual run of the mill one, there is a really nice restaurant 15 minutes away and Luke kindly picked up some dinner for us on Tuesday and I had leftovers on the Wednesday too. I don’t regret it, it was delicious, however Slimming World friendly probably not!

Here is hoping that this week is less eventful!

Weight Loss This Week: –2 1/2 pounds
Total Weight Lost: 12 pounds!!!

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