When Mini Smith arrives you wont see this …

I read a great post from Ryan on Loved and Lovely blog (go check her out I love her blog!)When she was nearing the end of her pregnancy she did this post on what you wouldn’t see her doing once her daughter was born. As Mini Smith could arrive at anytime I have claimed her post as inspiration here are some of the things you won’t see me doing.

1. You will not see me taking pictures of Mini Smith having food all over their face and posting it on any social media. Its gross people, the baby can’t help themselves that is why you are there to help them! I don’t find it cute to see what your baby attempted to have for dinner all over their face I would rather see a nice cute photo of them sleeping or playing or smiling but eating no thanks!

2. You will not see me posing while breastfeeding! I am pro breastfeeding it is after all the natural way to feed your baby. However it’s not natural to take a photo of yourself while breastfeeding. This links in with my first point, I don’t take photos of myself eating things so why would I do that with my baby.

3. Nose debris – I am sorry I am bringing this up, it almost turns my stomach writing about it but coupled with food on face photos my number one HATRED is seeing “bats in caves” photos posted online. If you live in my deluded world where you think no one would post such a photo believe you me I have seen them and promptly blocked the image!

4. You will not see me taking photos of what is in Mini Smith’s nappy or nappy explosions – I think I will spare anyone from seeing my child’s bowel movements. Again it’s simply not needed.

I am sure it’s very easy for me to say these things now and some of you may be reading thinking “just you wait and see” it’s probably true that all these will happen. However in my deluded world right now these things are not going to happen so smile at my naivety.

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