Wish List–Bath and Body Works Candles

If you have been around these parts for a while you will know I am making a great attempt to curb my spending habits. I have triumphs and failures, one such triumph occurred recently. I had purchased a Bath and Body Works Candle via the good people on eBay. Why Bath and Body Works doesn’t open a store here I will never know. Anyway I was watching a haul via YouTube on all the Autumnal and Winter Fragrances and before you could say “exorbitant cost” my shopping basket had exceeded £70 in candles! Fortunately good sense appeared and I crossed off that basket weeping that I wouldn’t smell those gorgeous fragrances. Anyway to curb my longing here is my Wish List so to speak that if I lived back in the good old US of A where candles cost £10 rather £20+ these are my picks.



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